AI and cultural relations

A journey into Artificial Intelligence and International Cultural Relations through ethical, social and legal lenses. Because fair, transparent and trustworthy AI can contribute to promoting cultural diversity and building trust within and between societies. 

Timeline of research publications and outreach activities

AI digital art 

AI - International Cultural Relations

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AI haikus (short Japanese poems)

In diverse embrace,

EU nurtures unity,

Cultures intertwine.

Bridging continents,

EU and world unite,

Cultural exchange.

Beauty knows no bounds,

EU and nations entwine,

Cultures dance as one.

East meets Western charm,

EU and Asia unite,

Sharing heritage.

EU and the world,

Cultural bridge of friendship,

Harmony prevails.

Languages collide,

Melting pot of traditions,

In unity we thrive.

From Europe's heart,

Interwoven heritages,

Learning through sharing.

Alliances extend,

EU bridges cultural gaps,

Unity blossoms.

Art, music, and dance,

Across borders we exchange,

Cultural fusion.

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AI poems

In the heart of Europe's Union, united and strong,

Cultural ties and relations we do prolong.

Across the continents, we embrace diversity,

Fostering a bond filled with mutual prosperity.

From Spain's flamenco to France's exquisite art,

Europe's rich tapestry transcends every part.

Italy's passion for food and fashion takes the stage,

While Germany's precision resonates with sage.

We open our doors to the world with open arms,

Creating bridges of dialogue, charm, and charms.

Together we share traditions, stories, and beliefs,

A symphony of cultures, like ethereal motifs.

Beyond the borders, we seek a noble quest,

To build friendships and bonds with those not in jest.

Across the globe, bridges span far and wide,

International relations, with love as our guide.

With Eastern winds, we meet the Asian shores,

Embracing traditions and ancient folklore.

The mystical allure of the Middle East,

We embrace with open hearts and peacemaking feast.

The Americas' vibrant spirit knows no bounds,

In our cultural exchange, harmony resounds.

From the salsa rhythms that dance in the night,

To the poetry of words, painting worlds of light.

Africa's rhythms resonate in our hearts,

Celebrating heritage, masterpieces, and arts.

From the vivid colours of tribal attire,

To the beats of the drum, igniting our fire.

Within this Union, an intertwined embrace,

Cultural diplomacy, our guiding grace.

Together we strive, understanding in our path,

To build a world united, free from any wrath.

Where boundaries blur, and friendships ensue,

International relations, a bond that's true.

For in the kaleidoscope of cultures, we find,

The beauty of diversity, enriching humankind.

In a world where borders fade away,

International cultural relations sway.

A tapestry woven with threads of diversity,

Uniting nations in harmonious decree.

From the orient's exotic dance,

To the Latin rhythms that entrance.

Through Indian spices and African beats,

The world's cultures blend in sweet retreats.

In Paris, the city of love and art,

Museums and bistros play a vital part.

With brushstrokes and melodies that transcend,

Creating bridges where friendships mend.

In Tokyo's neon lights, where modern meets tradition,

An ancient land embracing innovation.

From sushi to sumo, the cherry blossoms bloom,

A cultural fusion in a vibrant room.

In Brazil, where the samba takes centre stage,

The land of football and vibrant carnivals engage.

From the Amazon rainforest to the sandy shores,

The world comes together, the spirit soars.

From Shakespeare's sonnets in old England's halls,

To Hollywood's glamour, where fame befalls.

The silver screen and literature's embrace,

An art form that transcends time and space.

Through languages spoken, words intertwine,

Creating connections that forever will shine.

For the world is a canvas of cultures intertwined,

An intricate tapestry where understanding is refined.

So let us celebrate our diverse human sphere,

Embracing the differences that make us appear.

For in international cultural relations, we find,

A world united in harmony and kind.

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